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Best Tips to Care for Your Hair Extensions

What it comes to hair extension, there are quite a good number of products and methods to embrace, but the truth is, too much of these two make choosing ‘only what works best’ a herculean task.

Nevertheless, if you are one of those women who are clueless about what to do to care for their hair extension without losing a single strand out of it, I have prepared 10 proven tips to enable you care for your hair extension without much hassle, and using this guide can give you the desired result without breaking your bank.


On the standpoint, below are ten result-getting tips to enable you achieve the task. Adopt the tips listed here to keep your hair extension looking good all the time and you will share your testimony at last, and very soon.

The 10 proven tips to care for your hair extensions

  • Avoid twisting and over twisting your hair to prevent damages. This is because hair extensions add length to your hair and also make it very soft, and which can be easily damaged by too much twisting.
  • Avoid using artificial colors and conditioners on your hair, as these may jeopardize your chance to have a great result.
  • Use combs that have smooth and soft bristles while you comb your hair. The reason for this is that it helps prevent your hair fiber from tearing.
  • Give your hair rest at night. Do not tie or wear knots while you go to bed.
  • Always make your hair from skilled hairdresser, and inform them to be more cautious while handling it. If you did change your hairdresser recently, kindly inform the new one of your hair extension.
  • Use conditioner that will moisturize your tresses and shampoo that’s gentle when you wash your hair.
  • Always comb your hair gently before and after showering. This makes it easier to style your hair without losing it.
  • Dry your hair naturally, but if you have to use blow drying, let it be set on the lowest for the best result.
  • Stay away from ingredients that will dry your hair and cost its loss.
  • Lastly, note that hair pieces are very soft; do not rub it against one another. Treat your hair with tender loving care, and you will be amazed with the result.

I hope these 10 tips will help you take proper care of your hair extension.

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