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How to Apply Dark Eyeshadow Makeup

1. Get:

Black Eyeline
Black Mascara
Dark Eyeshadow (Black, Grey, Dark Red, Brown, Dark Blue…)
Pale Face Powder

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2. Start with the Pale Face Powder. Cover your whole face with it including your lips. Cover some of your neck with it as well

3. Grab the eyeliner. Take the stick and brush the tip of the pencil onto the edge of the cap so the eyeliner will go on darker. Apply the eyeliner just under your eyelashes on the bottom eyelid. Make sure it’s not too thick, but still kind of thick.

4. Put the eyeliner on the inside of your bottom eyelid. You’re not supposed to do this, but it makes your eyes stand out much better. There should be a thick line on your bottom lid.

How to apply dark eyeshadow makeup – one way

5. Take the black mascara and apply it to your bottom eyelashes. The upper lid should be thicker than the bottom lid.

6. Take your dark eye shadow and apply it to your top lid just above the eyeliner. Rub the eyeshadow into the end line of the eyeliner using the eyeshadow brush. Don’t rub the eyeshadow over the eyeliner. Only on the end of the eyeliner.

Apply the eyeshadow on the bottom eyelid the same way as the top except don’t rub the eyeshadow into the eyeliner. Take your finger and gently rub the bottom eyeshadow into your skin so it looks like your sick. Then the eyes are done.

8. Get your Chapstick and apply it to your lips, over the pale face powder.

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