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New Online Department Store

The Littlewoods Direct site has recently re launched itself as the “new online department store”! This chic site has been designed to appeal to a younger consumer base, and with a sleek colour scheme and layout the rebranding of Littlewoods seems to have gotten off to a good start.

As soon as you enter the site at, the simple yet sophisticated colour scheme of white text on a black background gives the homepage a modern feel. Although such stark colours could come across a little cold, Very’s use of a bold font with delicate serifs for its title and slogan gives it that personal touch so as not to alienate potential customers.

The homepage itself contains a vast trove of information and links, with a large advertisement that gently fades from one promotion to another. The promotions highlighted are appropriate to the current climate, with two of the current three focusing on summer products. Beneath this space, several areas of the store are advertised along with images and informative captions.

To appeal all the more to its target youth audience, the site incorporates elements of social networking. At the bottom of the page, you can “connect” to Very via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as well as by downloading applications if you have an iPod or iPhone. also runs its “Vblog”. The word “blog” is a blend of web log and is a popular means of publication on the internet. Very’s Vblog runs articles about fashion and style, often featuring celebrity news or interviews.

Speaking of celebrities, also stock products endorsed or branded by famous personalities. Fearne Cotton is their big name at the moment, with her range advertised prominently on the “Celebrity Style” page that can be accessed via the homepage. Other celebrities whose designs are sold through include Denise van Outen and Holly Willoughby.

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