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Blue Pink Summer Makeup 2010

Funky eye makeup look in pink and blue, the perfect summer makeup!

1 Step: Prime your eyelids

2 Step: Take a white shimmery eyeshadow or white eyeliner and highlight the inner corners of your eyes

3 Step: Highlight the brow bone as well

4 Step: Take your favorite pink eyeshadow and put it all over your lid

5 Step: Take a pale lilac eyeshadow and start from outer corners and don’t get the lilac eyeshadow on the inner corners

6 Step: Take some grey/black eyeshadow and put it just above the eyelash line, blend it a bit, but don’t get it go high, because you still want to see the lilac eyeshadow

7 Step: Get a sea blue eyeshadow and define your lower lash line

8 Step: Rim your eyes with black eyeliner and you are done! 😉

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  1. Tiffany Legs says:

    wow.. i really admire this color.. beautiful!

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